Current Researchers

Staff Scientists

Yu-Chien (Alice) Chien, Ph.D. - electrical effects on flames, Keck Foundation deep ocean power science

David Escofet-Martin, Ph.D. - laser diagnostics for high pressure combustion


Current Ph.D. Students

Michela Vicariotto - Watery fuel diffusion flames

Marco Minniti - Monte-Carlo simulation of digital holography in optically dense media

Navid Saeidi – hydrate formation in supersaline solutions and other hydrate-based applications

Claudia Francisca Lopez Camara - CFD of electrically influenced flames

Andrea Biasioli – In situ characterization of SO3/H2SO4 in simulated flue gas


Current M.S. Students (including M.S./Ph.D.)

Soung Uk Kim - EGR for NOx control in a small IC engine

Saedeh Mirghasemi - flow control in a high pressure flow tunnel 


Undergraduate Researchers - 2016/2017

Harshil Dadhaniya - IC analysis for sulfate ions

Dorsa Shirazi - IR camera imaging


Visiting Researchers and Scholars - 2016/2017

Summer 2017

Marion Lallemand, EPF Graduate School of Engineering; Tubular flame burner design and analysis

Samuel Perceval, ENSMA; Experimentation and instrumentation of a 50cc scooter engine to improve its environmental performance

Thomas Guedon, ENSMA; Methane hydrates growth