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Upcoming Presentations and Events

ILASS Conference, Phoenix, AZ, May 12-14, 2019

Gas-Hydrates - From Potential Geohazard to Carbon Efficient Fuel? AAPG-GTW, Auckland, New Zealand, April 15-17, 2019

US Combustion Meeting, Pasadena, California, March 25-27, 2019


Recent Journal Papers Published

2019 - Yu-Chien Chien lead authors a paper with co-author David Escofet Martin accepted in Combustion and Flame, "Current and Carbon Monoxide Release from an Impinging Methane/Air Coflow Flame in an Electric Field."

2019 - Jin Dang lead authors a paper accepted in an Energies Special Issue, "Emissions from Solid Fuel Cook Stoves in the Himalaya Region."

2019 - Michela Vicariotto is a co-author on a paper with colleagues from UC Berkeley in Fire Technology, "Temperature Measurement of Glowing Embers with Color Pyrometry." DOI: 10.1007/s10694-018-0810-3

2018 - Jesse Tinajero lead authors a paper in Combustion and Flame, "Non-Premixed Axisymmetric Flames Driven by Ion Currents."

2018 - Vinicius Sauer lead authors a paper in a Special Issue of Combustion Science and Technology, "Liquid Fuel Tubular Flame Burner." DOI:10.1080/00102202.2018.1531394

2018 - Michela Vicariotto lead authors a paper in Experiments in Fluids, "Temperature Profiles and Extinction Limits of a Coflow Water-vapor Laden Methane/Air Diffusion Flame." DOI:10.1007/s00348-018-2589-x

2018 - Marco Minniti lead authors a paper with co-author Ali Ziaee accepted in Atomization and Sprays, "Ultra-short Pulse Off-axis Digital Holography for Imaging the Core Structure of Transient Sprays."

2018 - Rosa Padilla lead authors a paper with co-author David Escofet Martin accepted in Combustion and Flame, "Structure and Behavior of Water-laden CH4/Air Counterflow Diffusion Flames."

2018 - Yu-Chien Chien lead authors a paper for a Special Issue of Energies, "Electric Field Changes a Diffusion Flame near an impinging surface: Heat and Thermal Perspective." DOI:10.3390/en11051235A.91

2018 - Vinicius Sauer lead authors a paper in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics, "Nonpremixed Swirl-Type Tubular Flames Burning Liquid Fuels." DOI:10.1017/jfm.2018.248

2018 - David Escofet Martin, working with visiting scholar Chaobo Yang, co-authors a paper in Applied Optics, "The Impact of Input Field Characteristics on Vibrational Femtosecond Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering Thermometry." DOI:10.1364/AO.57.000197

2017 - Visiting scholar Chaobo Yang, working with David Escofet Martin and Yu-Chien Chien lead authors a paper in the Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, "Hybrid femtosecond/picosecond pure-rotational coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering with chirped probe pulses." DOI:10.1002/jrs.5262

2017 - Yu-Chien Chien, working with colleagues from FERCo and EPRI, co-authors a paper in Fuel, "Ammonium Bisulfate Formation and Reduced Load SCR Operation."

2017 - Jesse Tinajero, working with ENSMA summer interns, lead authors a paper in Combustion Science and Technology, "Characterizing I-V Curves For Non-Premixed Methane Flames Stabilized On Different Burner Configurations." DOI:10.1080/00102202.2017.1331218

2017 - Ali Ziaee, working with Marco Minniti and colleagues from Metrolaser, publishes a paper in Applied Optics, "Ultrashort Pulsed Off-axis Digital Holography for Imaging Dynamic Targets in Highly Scattering Conditions." DOI:10.1364/AO.56.003736

2017 - Ferran Marti Duran lead authors a paper in the Journal of Multiphase Flow, "Evaporation of a Droplet Larger than the Kolmogorov Length Scale Immersed in a Relative Mean Flow."

2016 - Yu-Chien Chien and David Escofet Martin publish a paper in Combustion and Flame, "CO Emission from an Impinging Non-Premixed Flame'' 

2016 - Vincius Sauer lead authors a paper accepted for publication in the Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, "Impinging Nonpremixed Coflow Methane-Air Flames with Unity Lewis Number"

2016 - Rosa Padilla, with collaborators from National Cheng Kung University, co-authors a paper accepted for publication in the Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, “Thermal Structure of Methane Hydrate Fueled Flames”


Recent Past Presentations and Events

9/7/17 -- David Escofet Martin successfully defends his dissertation and receives his Ph.D.

8/28/17 -- Jesse Tinajero successfully defends his dissertation and receives his Ph.D.

8/17/17 -- Vinicius Sauer successfully defends his dissertation and receives his Ph.D.

7/31/16-8/5/16 -- Jesse Tinajero, David Escofet Martin, Vinicius Sauer, and Rosa Padilla present their work at the International Combustion Symposium in Seoul, Korea.

6/20/16-6/25/16 -- Jesse Tinajero, Claudia Lopez-Camara, Filippo Colagrande, and Andre Nodem attend the Princeton Combustion Summer School, Princeton, NJ

6/15/16-6/17/16 -- Fiery Ice International Workshop on Methane Hydrates, Honolulu, HI; Alice Chien presents a paper on the combustion of methane hydrates and Andrea Biasioli  presents a paper on the dissolution of methane in water and the creation of methane hydrates

5/27/16 -- Naval Research Laboratory, Washington D.C., DDR presents a colloquium on Methane Hydrates: Potential Roles in Energy and the Environment

5/25/16 -- UCLA, Rosa Padilla gives a research seminar on Water-laden Methane/Air Diffusion Flames

4/20/2016 -- University of Southern California, DDR presents a mechanical engineering seminar on Fringe Topics in Combustion

3/2/2016 -- Ali Ziaee successfully defends his dissertation and receives his Ph.D. degree

12/8/15-12/10/15 -- DDR travels to Korea for a presentation at the Korea National Combustion Conference on Jeju -- Combustion of Methane Hydrates: Energy and Environmental Aspects; and two Mechanical/Aerospace engineering seminar lectures at Seoul National University on Laser Diagnostics in Combustion and Electrical Aspects of Combustion

11/11/15-11/14/15 -- ASGSR Meeting, Alexandria, VA; Claudia Lopez-Camara presents a paper and a poster on numerical simulations of small flames in microgravity

10/5/15-10/6/15 -- Western States Section Combustion Meeting, Provo, UT; Jin Dang presents a paper on intermittency in cookstoves; Vinicius Sauer presents a paper on the liquid film combustor; Claudia Lopez-Camara presents a paper on simulating small diffusion flames

8/10/15-8/13/15 -- 11th International Conference on Carbon in the Atmosphere, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Berkeley, CA; Jin Dang presents a poster on carbon emission from rural cookstoves

8/9/15-8/14/15 -- Gordon Conference on Laser Diagnostics in Combustion, Waterville, NH; Alice Chien presents a poster on measurements in small flames; David Escofet-Martin presents a poster on CARS at high pressure; DDR presents a poster from work by Ali Ziaee and Colin Dankwart on holography in optically dense media

8/2/15-8/7/15 -- 25th ICDERS Meeting, Leeds, England; DDR presents a paper from Alice Chien and co-workers on electrical aspects of impinging flames; a poster from Joan Santacana-Vall and co-workers on methane hydrate combustion; and a poster from David Escofet-Martin and co-workers on laser induced fluorescence of small flames

6/21/15-6/26/15 -- Jin Dang, Andrea Biasioli, Jesse Tinajero, and Claudia Lopez-Camara attend Princeton Combustion Summer School, Princeton, NJ

6/7/15-6/12/15 -- Vinicius Sauer, David Escofet-Martin, and Jesse Tinajero attend Brazilian Combustion Summer School, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

5/18/15-5/20/15 -- US Combustion Meeting, Cincinnati, OH; David Escofet-Martin presents a paper on two-photon CO PLIF; Vinicius Sauer presents a paper on the analysis of impinging non-premixed flames; Alice Chien presents a paper on effects of electric fields for controlling CO release from impinging flames; Jesse Tinajero presents a paper on ion probe measurements in a small diffusion flame; Adriana Llado-Gambin presents a paper on thin filament pyrometry in a counterflow flame; DDR presents a plenary lecture on methane hydrate combustion

4/13/15-4/18/15 -- Taiwan and Japan; DDR presents on hydrate combustion at a National Workshop at National Taiwan University in Taipei, at Aoyama Gakuin University in Japan, and at Keio University in Japan; Alice Chien presents the Keck Deep Ocean Power Science Laboratory at Aoyama Gakuin University in Japan

12/15/14 -- Alice (Yu-Chien) Chien successfully defends her Ph.D. dissertation and receives her Ph.D. degree

9/27/14 -- DDR presents a talk on STEM education in engineering at UCI for the 2014 Convention of the American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin (ASEI)

10/23/14-10/26/14 -- ASGSR/ISPS Microgravity Science Conference, Pasadena, CA; Jesse Tinajero presents a paper on electrical aspects of combustion

8/20/14 -- DDR gives a talk on the thermodynamic aspects of methane hydrate combustion to the Orange County Section of the ASME at their meeting held at UCI

8/3/14-8/8/14 -- 35th International Combustion Symposium, San Francisco, California; Rosa Padilla presents a podium paper on counterflow flames with water-laden fuel; David Escofet-Martin presents a poster on spontaneous Raman scattering from a methane hydrate; Alice Chien presents a poster on a surface-impinging flame with an applied electric field; Jesse Tinajero presents a poster on soot control using an electric field in a small diffusion flame; Michela Vicariotto presents a poster on laser ignition of methane hydrates; Joan Santacana-Vall presents a poster on water evaporation during the burning of methane hydrates; Vinicius Sauer presents a poster on analytical solutions for counterflow flames with non-unity Lewis number; and Jin Dang presents a poster on field measurements of emissions from biomass cookstoves in remote areas