MAE 151
Mechanical Engineering Design
(4) W. A comprehensive group design project experience that involves identifying customer needs, idea generation, reverse engineering, preliminary design, standards, prototype development, testing, analysis, and redesign of a product involving fluid, thermal, and mechanical components. Introduces design for manufacturing and the environment. Prerequisites: MAE120, MAE145, and MAE170; senior standing. (Design units: 3).

MAE 164
Air Pollution and Control
(4) S. Sources, dispersion, and effects of air pollutants. Topics include emission factors, emission inventory, air pollution, meteorology, air chemistry, air quality modeling, impact assessment, source and ambient monitoring, regional control strategies.

MAE 188
Design in Industry
(4) F, W, S. Presents the principles of engineering design in the context of an industrial application. Local manufacturing firms define an engineering design project to be completed by students in 10 weeks. Projects include initial brainstorming to final design, with a formal result.


MAE 189
Senior Project - Special Topics
(1-4) F, W, S. Group or individual senior project of theoretical or applied nature involving design. My past projects have included combustion, flow visualization, and design of experiments for research activities, among others. Prerequisites: senior standing and consent of instructor. May be taken for credit for a total of 12 units. (Design units: 1-4).


MAE 210
Advanced Fundamentals of Combustion
(4). Premixed, nonpremixed, and heterogeneous reactions, with emphasis on kinetics, thermal ignition, turbulent flame propagation, detonations, explosions, flammability limits, diffusion flame, quenching, flame stabilization, and particle and spray combustion. Prerequisite: MAE224 or MAE230B.

MAE 216
Statistical Thermodynamics
(4). Statistics of independent particles, development of quantum mechanical description of atoms and molecules, application of quantum mechanics, evaluation of thermodynamic properties for solids, liquids, and gases, statistical mechanics of dependent particles (ensembles). Prerequisite: MAE91 or equivalent.

MAE 217
Generalized Thermodynamics
(4). Generalized thermodynamics develops the laws of continuum thermodynamics from a set of plausible and intuitive postulates. The postulates are motivated qualitatively by a statistical description of matter and are justified by a posterior success for the resulting theory. Prerequisites: MAE91, MAE115 or equivalent.
MAE 238
Experimental Fluid Dynamics (4)Concepts and techniques for measurement of fluid motion. Quantitative and qualitative flow visualization. Flow facilities, shadowgraph, schlieren, interferometer, thermal anemometer. Laser diagnostics, fluorescence, Rayleigh, Raman, Mie scattering. Laser-Doppler, particle-image, and image-correlation velocimetry. Three- and four-dimensional digital imaging. Prerequisites: MAE230A, MAE230B.